2018 hybrid Willow SRC harvest

Willow sticks loaded into the back of the car

A dry day (at last) allowed a late afternoon walk through a row of hybrid willow short rotation coppice (SRC) to hand cut poles of 7cm dia or more for processing into wood chunks to be used as fuel in BBQ’s, wood fired Pizza Ovens, Wood boilers wood burners. Whilst a mechanical harvest is much faster, […]

Oklahoma Joe’s Offset Smoker

Like many other things I have been meaning to build an offset smoker for so long, have collected many bits and bobs in readiness but never got around to it. When I saw ASDA selling of the highly reccomended Oklahoma Joe for the price of a cheap tin replica I jumped at the chance. It […]

Preparing Oak and Rosemary

Not a chore I particularly like as I am not a big fan of having my fingers so close to a bandsaw blade but it has to be done; preparing heartwood wood chunks. The oak is first cut into rings on the bandsaw and then chopped into pieces using an axe. The pieces are then […]

Wood smoking revelations

We have a new Customer. Stuart from Southport is a new customer. Stuart has specific requirements for his 10 hour smoked brisket and he came to see if we could meet his needs. The answer is of course ‘yes’ but that isn’t what prompts this post. Talking to Stuart made me realise that I don’t […]

Growing Firewood – 2017 Update

February 2017 Our annual update on the progress of our firewood growing trials. All have made very good progress but the Eucalyptus seems to be doing the best at the year 3 point. The hybrid willow would normally be harvested now and it is a perfect size for making wood chunks. August 2017 I’m beginning […]

New range of smokehouse wood chips added

Our little Wood Chunks website has been selling our home grown wood for some time now to the point where our regular customers kindly bring samples of their fare which is very much appreciated (hint, hint) . Food smoking is an art and from my experience, each ‘artist’ likes to understandably select the materials that […]

Our first homemade wood fired pizza

Yesterday we finally got around to making our very first homemade pizza in the wood fire oven. Liam made 1kg of pizza dough and a delicious (secret recipe) tomato sauce and so our first pizza trials began. The oven was lit with some dry brash and a few sticks to warm it up before it was […]

Growing SRC willow for firewood

For some years now we have been growing a variety of traditional basket making willow for use as wreath bases, twig wreaths and wreath decorations with any leftovers and offcuts being used as fuel for use in wood boilers. Nothing at all goes to waste. We spotted a number of websites proclaiming hybrid willow and poplar […]

BBQ Champ early warning

The trailers have been on TV for a while now pushing Myleene Klass hosting “BBQ Champ”, a brand new five part ITV series for the Summer where a team of ten contenders compete against each other to become the first BBQ Champ. “Each week, our contenders will prove themselves in challenges that will sort the BBQ champs from […]