Teasels alongside a farm walk path

Farm Walk

The Rustical Farm Walk is a beautiful series of mown paths through our productive wood coppice and grassland which is rich in diverse wildlife.

Suitable for a gentle walk to get away from the hustle and bustle of the day, gather your thoughts or take some exercise with or without the dog.

The grass can be wet and muddy after heavy rainfall so suitable footwear is required. It is a working farm with lots of trip and slip hazards and there are ponds and ditches to fall in to if caution is not observed so please understand that you enter the site entirely at your own risk.

A mown path through working coppice
A mown path through working coppice


In dry weather, the majority of the paths are fully accessible but there are some steep hills involved on certain routes. In wet weather these grass paths can be slippy and there are patches that can get quite spongy and muddy. After prolonged rain we do close off some paths to prevent excessive damage. We are hoping to be able to offer all weather disabled access to some parts of the site very soon.


Spaniel on the farm walk
Springer Spaniel on the farm walk

IMPORTANT – Recently flea treated dogs MUST NOT be brought on site as even the slightest contamination from the powerful pesticides can have a devastating impact on aquatic ecosystems and can easily kill off all the insect life within a pond and we really don’t want that. 

Well behaved dogs are welcomed to share your walk and can be off lead to allow them to get some good exercise exploring the undergrowth but there are ditches and ponds so expect a wet, muddy dog. The site is stock fenced.

A pond on the Farm Walk
A pond on the Farm Walk

Respect for other walkers with or without dogs is essential and expected.

Please note that we also have a large mown field available for sole use by private individuals, professional dog trainers and groups for agility, flyball and Whippet racing etc.


The site can be booked for sole use if your dog has poor recall, antisocial tendencies, gun dog training, Search & Rescue training, Mantrailing, outdoor yoga and wellbeing etc or for no other reason than you want to enjoy this very special location all by yourself.

Farm Walk Shared use – £10 per 55 mins: Max 2 People 4 Dogs – £5 per additional person/dog

Farm Walk Sole use – £20 per 55 mins: Max 2 People 4 Dogs – £5 per additional person/dog

Payment is by BACS or cash. Receipts will be provided. Appointments are on the hour for 55 minutes in daylight hours only. Strictly by appointment only.


  • No recently flea treated pets please. Read more
  • Dog poo on any paths or tracks should be removed from site
  • No climbing on or over fences or gates.
  • Available by appointment only.


For more information please email mark@ohanlon.co.uk or ring 07834 324080 (8am – 6pm only PLEASE).