Based in Hesketh Bank, a small village in Lancashire (UK), and married with one son, I work as a ‘one man band’ producing craft and horticulture related products. The farm is driven primarily by what I can manage to keep on top of on my own, with primary crops being coppiced wood for woodland crafts, food smoking, BBQ’s and biomass energy, together with freshly cut flowers and foliage for local florists including eucalyptus for weddings and arrangements and holly for making wreaths. We also use our straw for making wreath bases.

We presently we have a number of different websites (in various states of disarray) catering for very specific items:

Wood Chunks – Small chunks of single species wood for use in smokers and on BBQ’s

Wreath SuppliesAll the bits & bobs needed to make your own wreaths

Christmas Wreath – Freshly made spruce and holly wreath bases

Giant Vegetable Seeds – for competition growing or just for fun

I am relatively new to wordpress and so am learning daily about better ways to present material. Your help and suggestions are always very welcome