Growing Firewood – Year six update

Growing Firewood - Eucalyptus Gunni - five years of growth

We originally chose a six year trial for hybrid willow to test the claims made by retailers of the willow for firewood production. Not a particularly scientific approach but, hopefully, it might be useful to share the findings: Hybrid WillowThese were established willow stools which had been previously cut annually to provide more plants. Bred… Continue reading Growing Firewood – Year six update

Work starts in our new Coppice

Our first harvest of Alder from the coppice planted in 2010

It really doesn’t seem that long ago that we were pricking out these trees as seedlings and growing them on in pots ready for planting out. It turns out we started planting out in this field in 2010. It was a bit of a milestone to be starting to do the first cut on selected… Continue reading Work starts in our new Coppice

Processing Oak into wood chunks

Processing Oak Wood Chunks

Processing Oak logs into wood chunks for use in offset smokers It might be Bank Holiday Monday and it might have been a lovely sunny day but all I could think was to get some Oak wood chunks split, sawn and seasoning to replace all those being burnt in BBQs and Smokers. It is a… Continue reading Processing Oak into wood chunks

2018 hybrid Willow SRC harvest

Willow sticks loaded into the back of the car

A dry day (at last) allowed a late afternoon walk through a row of hybrid willow short rotation coppice (SRC) to hand cut poles of 7cm dia or more for processing into wood chunks to be used as fuel in BBQ’s, wood fired Pizza Ovens, Wood boilers wood burners. Whilst a mechanical harvest is much faster,… Continue reading 2018 hybrid Willow SRC harvest

Growing Firewood – 2018 Update

Alder four years on from planting

The latest annual update in our trial of a number of species planted specifically for firewood. All species are on the same soil type so whilst not particularly scientific the findings are sufficient to judge which performs best for us. Storming ahead in both rate of growth and quality of logs is the Eucalyptus Omeo.… Continue reading Growing Firewood – 2018 Update

Harvesting Hazel sticks

Hazel walking stick shanks harvested January 2018

A nice frosty morning allowed a quick venture into our hazel coppice to select and cut some sticks for our stock of blank walking stick shanks catering for local stick makers. In the main they only get offered for sale after being seasoned for at least twelve months (necessary for the stick straightening process to… Continue reading Harvesting Hazel sticks

Tree Planting Season Begins

Last year it was 5000 trees on 11 acres at Banks and this year the plan is for some 2500 trees to be planted on a field off Becconsall Lane in Hesketh Bank. The saplings were delivered this morning so now it is race against time to get the bare rooted plants into the ground… Continue reading Tree Planting Season Begins

Harvest Wreath Success!

First prize at the Hesketh Bank Village Show for my ‘Harvest Circle’ creation. I’ve never done any flower arranging before but I couldn’t miss out on the chance to include logs, pumpkins and wreaths so very pleased with coming first! Slices of our home grown Silver Birch made up  the base with a simple squash… Continue reading Harvest Wreath Success!

Cutting Silver Birch Display Logs

The dreadful weather this morning put paid to any outside jobs which was bad news for the pumpkins but good news for one of our local florists. She has been patiently waiting for a selection of premium Silver Birch ‘display’ logs to use in wedding features and flower arrangements. I’ve cut many more than she… Continue reading Cutting Silver Birch Display Logs