Cold Day At The Office

I was out and about before the inevitable traffic chaos that goes hand in hand with a dusting of snow and glad I did so judging by the traffic later on.

First stop was feeding the hens, the goose, his pheasant lady friends and two robins who stopped fighting for a few minutes so they could feed on a bit of barley.

Our gander doesn't look that impressed with the snow
Our gander doesn’t look that impressed with the snow

The ‘Office’ looked nice but it was a bit chilly for processing firewood. We had a bit of a rush on yesterday when the snow was forecast but managed to keep everyone happy.

The wood yard
The wood yard this morning

We don’t do firewood deliveries and today would really not be the day to start but we have the kit and could do it the hard way at a price!

Delivering logs in the snow
Delivering logs in the snow