Preparing another ‘sole use’ dog field

Clearing a path through coppice

The bee hives have been moved so it was out with the loppers and secateurs this morning, clearing overhanging brambles and branches to create new paths through the trees. It’s a small field, fully fenced and stocked with a crop of short rotation coppice (mainly alder and sycamore) with some clearings all of which is… Continue reading Preparing another ‘sole use’ dog field

Growing Firewood – Year six update

Growing Firewood - Eucalyptus Gunni - five years of growth

We originally chose a six year trial for hybrid willow to test the claims made by retailers of the willow for firewood production. Not a particularly scientific approach but, hopefully, it might be useful to share the findings: Hybrid WillowThese were established willow stools which had been previously cut annually to provide more plants. Bred… Continue reading Growing Firewood – Year six update

2018 Hedge Planting

Don't panic! Time is of the essence.

Our 2018 hedge plants have arrived so it is crucial to get them planted as fast as possible to give the transplants the very best chance of survival. The plants arrived at 2pm and were all ‘heeled in’ by 5pm in an ‘on site’ trench where they will remain until removed for planting out in… Continue reading 2018 Hedge Planting

Chilli harvest and Autumn tidy up

Thunder Mountain peppers

Now that all our pumpkins have gone (see it’s the quiet time before the wreath making season begins so time to clear out the debris from the poly tunnels, then wash and disinfect everything ready for spring. There are a few productive tomato plants left but all the rest are on the compost heap.… Continue reading Chilli harvest and Autumn tidy up

Work starts in our new Coppice

Our first harvest of Alder from the coppice planted in 2010

It really doesn’t seem that long ago that we were pricking out these trees as seedlings and growing them on in pots ready for planting out. It turns out we started planting out in this field in 2010. It was a bit of a milestone to be starting to do the first cut on selected… Continue reading Work starts in our new Coppice

Wild Damson Harvest

Harvesting our wild damsons

It’s that time of year when our wild damsons are just coming ready so time to risk life and limb reaching over the very deep ditch to try and hook the branches and get them harvested. Probably three quarters of the fruit is inaccessible so I don’t feel that guilty about raiding the natural larder.… Continue reading Wild Damson Harvest