Autumn Pond Audit

Pond Audit Autumn 2018

The (hopefully) annual audit of our farm ponds happened yesterday with pond experts Peter and Helen visiting along with Helen’s Mum on admin duties and Millie the dog.

Samples of water clarity, ph and electrical conductivity were taken along with the invertebrates and plant life which have taken up residence in the restored farm ponds and our new scrapes.

Hopefully we will be able to share their findings in due course but in early news, there is a degree of excitement as Zannichellia, the horned pond weed, was one of the plants found thriving in the restored pond. I hope to learn of the significance of this but I am told it is worthy of informing the County Plant Recorder! Who knew!

Zannichellia 'horned pondweed'
Zannichellia ‘horned pondweed’