Making rustic table numbers

I have been getting a bit behind with restocking our rustic table numbers and with the wedding season ramping up today was the day to put that right.

Cutting rustic log table numbers
Cutting rustic log table numbers

They are easily made from any suitable, seasoned logs but risking your fingers in a band saw to save a couple of pounds is not to everyones taste.

Our bespoke designs are always a favourite with restaurants but recently the trend has been towards the same rustic log design but with a blackboard paint finish. We have seen them used as table numbers, place names and for individualised messages, some very romantic, some very rude! Either way at just £10 for 5 they are proving very popular.

Each individual piece is made  by me from Silver Birch trees that I actually planted, grew on, harvested and seasoned so you can be assured it is sourced from a sustainable source.

Rustic log table number
Rustic log table ‘message board’

The surface available to write on is approximately 7cm wide and (depending on what you use to write on them with) they can be wiped clean and re-used or easily repainted.

Painted (or plain) rustic table numbers / place names are available to order from in packs of 5 so any ‘losses’ can be easily replaced.

Bespoke designs for weddings are welcomed with enough notice!

Bespoke rustic table numbers
Bespoke rustic table numbers are priced individually