Rosemary Twigs for flavour on the BBQ or Smoker

In response to a Wood Chunks Customer request I have been today been bundling Rosemary twigs for use in the smoker or on the BBQ.

Rosemary Twigs for Smoker or BBQ
Rosemary Twigs for Smoker or BBQ

As a rule resinous woods are not favoured for use in smokers but as these burn so quickly they are used to provide an instant hit of the herbs distinctive pungent flavour as soon as the meat is added.

If used on a BBQ the twigs are dropped a couple at a time onto the charcoal for a short burst of flavour.

In the past the waste from pruning our Rosemary plants had been collected by our bee keepers as it apparently makes for a very good smoke to distract the bess when going into the hive.