2016 Lemongrass Plants

It’s a bit late but today I eventually got around to separating out the overwintered clumps of Lemongrass and re-potting them as single stems to make this years crop.

Overwintered lemongrass ready for repotting
Overwintered lemongrass ready for repotting

All these lemongrass stems are from a one clump which in turn was a single stick of Lemongrass a year ago. You tend to get around 25 new plants from every stem over the 12 months.

The difference between shop bought (air freighted) sticks and freshly cut homegrown lemongrass is poles apart and the fragrance given off when working with the plants is lovely.

Lemongrass plants separated out and replanted in 9cm pots
Individual stems of lemongrass potted on to make new plants

Once established, the new plants will be sold locally or potted on to make more plants for next year.