Sourdough Course

Having already completed the Artisan Foodworks ‘Basic Breadmaking’ course at some time ago, the ‘Mastering Sourdough’ course was a natural follow on.

David and Julie were again the perfect hosts and the gang of eager students were a good bunch.

My haul of my own handcrafted sourdough bread made on the day was impressive:

Making Sourdough Course
Making Sourdough Course

For a novice it is an awful lot to take in but having spent a few hours re-reading the course notes and watching youtube tutorials it is now all fitting into place.

David sent us all away with a cup of his treasured sourdough starter which I have been nurturing carefully.

Flying solo, I have now proudly produced my own sourdough pizza base and a couple of wholemeal loaves and am slowly gaining a bit more confidence.

At present I am minimising variables and using the electric oven but with a view to having a go in the wood fired oven very soon. All good fun!