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  • 2022 Garlic Harvest Begins

    2022 Garlic Harvest Begins

    It’s that time of year when we start to harvest our garlic. By growing it indoors and outdoors and on different soil types we get an extended season for supplying it fresh from the ground.

  • New season Garlic

    Today we started selectively harvesting our home grown garlic which has been grown over winter inside a polytunnel. Whilst we still have quite a bit of last seasons crop left to use up, there is nothing like theĀ taste of new season garlic and this one ended up in an omelette for lunch.    

  • Gathering Onions and Garlic

    OurĀ 2015 onion and garlic harvest began in earnest. The onions and garlic had been pulled and left to dry on the soil but now it is time to dress them up a little and then store them in racks at the shed.