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  • Big pumpkin season review

    Well that’s another year of big pumpkins over and, it is fair to say, Halloween gets bigger every year. The professional carvers took more than ever of our large pumpkins but the giant pumpkins remain in a very niche market. I think how difficult they are to handle is one reason but the other is…

  • Hurrah for Cow Muck!

    Cow muck is THE essential ingredient for our big pumpkins and giant vegetables. The delivery of the cow muck always heralds the start of a new growing season. We work one year ahead so this muck heap will be piled up and left to rot for use next year. The muck pile from last year has…

  • The 2015 Song For Pumpkins

    The pumpkin parody song for 2015 is ‘Milkshake’ by Kelis. With thanks to Sally & Aymon and Fish2 Photography Keep an eye on Sally’s instagram account for the results of the Saturday morning pumpkin patch photoshoot.

  • Pumpkin picking

    My little helper came along to the pumpkin patch to help select a few nice specimens for a display.