Nines – Crop Circle 2


Firewriting Album Art

We do like doing something a bit different and hosting a large scale art project is always of interest especially when it means working with really nice people.

A break in a week of appalling March weather allowed the team from Glacial Art to create something amazing for their client; a 50m wide fiery crop circle.

A stressful week of on-site layout and preparations culminated in just a few minutes of spectacle but what a spectacle it was!

The security, safety and fire lighting team all arrived on site late afternoon for a walk though of the project and a briefing on their role. As it went dark the fire lighting team took up their respective positions around the design awaiting the call from the director who had to ensure the light levels were just right for the envisaged shots.

Fire writing Nines Crop Circle 2
Fire writing art work for Nines Crop Circle 2

The ‘Go Go Go’ call went out and all the ‘fire starters’ frantically lit their designated part of the design and left the field.

Within minutes the fire stabilised and the smoke subsided leaving an even burn of two foot high bright orange flames. The artist got into position and the drones went up.

With Nines in his position in the design, huddles gathered around the drone operators to see just how good it looked from the air. The footage was fantastic and, thankfully, just how everyone had hoped.

Everyone was off site just after 9pm with the London contingent facing the long drive home but happy that it had all gone well and the footage and photos needed were, quite literally, in the bag.

The official video trailer for Nines Crop Circle 2 was released 14th April and it looked great. So much work and nervous adrenaline went into this short video; Look what the weed man done…

The morning after revealed surprisingly little damage to the field and nothing that a quick mow didn’t put right. Nevertheless, it still will be the most grass Nines has ever smoked in one night!

Hardly any damage to the grass in the crop circle

We are all looking forward to the Crop Circle 2 album dropping. A job well done and we are so glad to have been a small part of it.