Category: Dog Fields

  • First Mow Of The Year

    After 8 months of endless rain we took advantage of the recent dry spell and risked getting the mower out. There weren’t that many places fit to mow but the paddock managed to get its first cut of the year so is declared open for the season (unless it gets another prolonged downpour). Ideal for…

  • Doggie Birthday Party

    Doggie Birthday Party

    The sun shone brightly on our first doggie birthday party held to celebrate the 1st birthday of Millie’s offspring. With only one sibling missing (who now lives in Ireland) it was a very good show. Molly the springer acted as pool attendant for all the cockers. Sue’s banana and mash doggie cup cakes finished the…

  • Dog Fields Path Mowing

    Dog Fields Path Mowing

    It’s that time of year when all the paths around the dog walking fields need a good mow. They always look smart when they are done but it won’t take long before they need doing again. The dogs love the long grass and all the smells it holds…. spot the pheasant in the photo!

  • Preparing another ‘sole use’ dog field

    Preparing another ‘sole use’ dog field

    The bee hives have been moved so it was out with the loppers and secateurs this morning, clearing overhanging brambles and branches to create new paths through the trees. It’s a small field, fully fenced and stocked with a crop of short rotation coppice (mainly alder and sycamore) with some clearings all of which is…